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The HEBE Titan-II (Titan 2) Vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring an intuitive temperature control system.

It offers a wide-mouth heating chamber for easy loading and cleaning and features a durable and rugged rubberized exterior.

Temperature control down to the degree offers a fully customized vaporization experience.

Cloud chasers love the HEBE Titan.

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Titan II Vaporizer from HeBe is a true conduction style portable vaporizer with several unique features packed inside. The value that it offers is substantial compared to its price. Titan 2 Vaporizer is artisticly designed with square edges and the silicone grip handles. One of the strong feature of the Titan II Vaporizer is the accuracy of its digital temperature control mechanism. The unit has a heat range of 200F and 428F. The LCD screen displays the current and set temperature levels, as well as the remaining battery life. The Titan 2 is extremely simple to use with selector switch. It has a unique heating system which allows air flow to circulate around the stainless steel heating chamber twice before the vapor is delivered to the mouthpiece. This allows effective extraction of your active ingredient without combustion.

The Titan II Vaporizer offers a 2200 mAh internal Li-Ion battery with Micro USB charging capability. It is a pass-through vaporizer which means that you can use the unit while it is charging. The mouthpiece is protected with Iron Oxide cover which prevents overheating and ensures comfortable inhalation. The Titan 2 Vaporizer uses stainless steel mesh screen filters which prevents fine ground material to enter into the air-path. The ventilation areas on the side of the housing prevents hot air being trapped inside which leads to combustion on many other brands.

The Titan 2 Vaporizer is packed with other useful features such as auto-shut off timer, temperature setting memory (it automatically heats up to your last preset temperature), accidental turn on protection.

The material chamber of the Titan II can hold up to 0.5 grams of aromatherapy material. This is a quite spacious vaporizer compared to its size. The heat up time is also remarkable which is under 60 seconds to 420F temperature level.

The Hebe Titan 2 Vaporizer comes with all necessary accessories to get you going. It is extremely easy to load/unload and clean. This is a unique product which comes with several color options as well as a 6 month warranty from Hebe. If you are looking for a cheap portable vaporizer, Titan 2 will not disappoint.

Titan 2 Vaporizer Accessories Included:

TITAN 2 Vaporizer
Operating Manual
USB Micro charging cable
Clear cleaning brush
5pcs Spare Mouth Filters
2pcs Black Long Silicone Mouth Protector Caps


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