Square E-Head Hookah

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The E-Head is a revolutionary new product that works with any type of traditional hookah set up. Enjoy a long hookah smoking session without the need for charcoal or fire. The E-Head will work with all type of Vaping E-Liquid and you can mix and match your flavors. It features fully adjustable heat settings and a display screen to show you exactly what’s going on, which empowers you to find your own personal perfect settings. With the E-Head, clean up and storage is easy and convenient.

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  • Adjust the voltage by tapping the “+” and “-” signs on the control panel from 3.2V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments
  • The Control Panel LED screen shows the number of puffs, battery level, time of use and output voltage
  • Heating coil is replaceable
  • When the LED flashes continuously 10 times, the battery needs to be charged
  • Estimated charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Replacement atomizer: SKU1936507
Please note: The atomizer must be cleaned and dried after each use.


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