Flowermate Mini V5.0s

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 FlowerMate Mini Vaporizer V5.0s! 

Latest portable vape for 2015! This Vape is a bit bigger than the Magic Flight launch box. Remarkable small size but with the 3 temp settings. Rechargable with a micro USB, the regular USB can charge your smart phone! Yes that’s right, this vape can also act as a powerbank for your small electronics! Revolutionary new vape.

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FlowerMate Mini V5.0s Vaporizer is the palm size portable vaporizer which is similar to its big brother Flowermate V5.0s. The size is significantly reduced on this unit by almost 1 inch. The FlowerMate Mini V5.0s also uses better quality material like extra durable anodized aluminum, reinforced borosilicate glass mouthpiece and a stronger 7.4V Lithium Ion battery. The FlowerMate Mini uses a similar ceramic heating chamber without reducing the size of the heater. You can still load 0.4 – 0.5grams in the chamber easily which will give 10-12 good hits per session.

The battery is 2600 mAh capacity which allows close to 10 sessions which is remarkable. The battery of FlowerMate Mini is charged through the USB interface and also can be used as a power bank for all USB devices such as cell phones and tablets. The product features pass through functionality which allows you to charge the unit while in use so you do not have to wait for the complete recharge. The total time necessary for recharging the unit is about 3.5-4 hours.

The FlowerMate Mini V5.0s Vaporizer offers three distinct temperature levels which are optimized for dry leaf usage. The heat levels are 385F, 400F and 415F. The heat up time is extremely fast which is about 30 seconds to the first heat setting. The temperature levels are also indicated with a glowing LED light as Blue, Orange and Green.

The size of the FlowerMate Mini Vaporizer is measured as approximately 4.19 inches by 4.67inches. It also features a 5 click activation safety function for accidental turn-ons.

FlowerMate Mini V5.0 offers a great cheap portable vaporizer alternative to the users and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.


What is included in the FlowerMate Mini Vaporizer V5.0 Kit?

1 × FlowerMate Mini v5.0 vaporizer
1 x Glass mouthpiece
1 x Packing tool
1 x USB charger
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x User manual

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