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The Canadian vaporizer manufacturer did it again with the release of the Arizer Solo Vaporizer in July 2011. One of the best made portable vaporizers on the market, the Solo is made from sleek brushed aluminium. Roughly the size of an aerosol deodorant can, the Solo is discreet in use and can easily be tucked into your backpack, handbag or even your pocket. Available in black or silver.

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The Arizer Solo is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which according to Arizer can last up to four hours before needing to be recharged. It has seven different temperature settings which increases in steps of 5°C (41°F), from a minimum 185°C (365°F) to a maximum temperature of 210°C (410°F) – pretty damn good for such a small vaporizer.

The Arizer Solo also heats up quite quickly for having such a high maximum temperature, taking just a minute or 3 to reach any of the pre-set temperature settings.

The Solo is extremely well built, as can be seen when the top part that has the silicone heating device cover is removed to reveal its inner workings. Removal of the cap makes cleaning the device easy.


The Arizer Solo comes with:

  • a detachable glass wand attachment
  • an extra wand (essential, as it does not work without one)
  • a glass bowl if you want to use it for aromatherapy.


The Arizer Solo has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, given the fact it has been used in a normal way.
The Solo’s Heating Element is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and the lithium battery is covered by a one year warranty.

1 review for Arizer Solo

  1. Dave mill
    5 out of 5


    Great product, gives a good high cant fault the product. Have owned few vapes now, this is one of the top 3 so far.

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