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Check out our little review for The Magic Flight Launch Box, we will be talking about why this little device packs a punch.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a portable herbal vaporizer made in the USA, and it’s quite unique. This model is for use with dry herbs, but Magic-Flight also makes a similar-looking box called the Muad-Dib that’s specifically made for concentrates.

This was my second vape purchase ever (first was the Volcano) and to this day I still consider it one of the best portables I’ve reviewed.

Design / Build Quality

So it’s basically just a wooden box and there are three main wood types to choose from: Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

Carved into the box is a trench (herb chamber), draw hole, air intake hole, and battery port. There’s a stainless steel mesh screen inside the trench area connected to two metal rods, and those make contact with the battery when you press it in which heats up the chamber.

I has an acrylic lid attached that you slide open and closed over the herb chamber, and an acrylic stem or mouthpiece is also included that you insert into the draw hole on the front.

What’s pretty unique about this one is that you use a single AA rechargeable battery to power it. The base kit includes two batteries and a charging dock, as well as rubber caps for the ends of the batteries and a good quality cleaning brush.

Even though this thing is really simple it does feel like a well-made product, and it definitely took a lot of hard thinking to make a vaporizer with no electrical components vaporize so effectively.

It’s a fairly inexpensive vape, but it doesn’t feel cheap or cheesy, and I think for the price it’s well worth the investment. It’s also still one of the smallest, lightest and quickest vapes I’ve ever reviewed.

MFLB Maple Cherry Walnut

Performance / Usage Tips

The Launch Box does require some technique to get the best results from it, but after just a few uses you’ll get used to it and it’ll become second nature.

Very important: You need to grind your herbs up super fine for the best performance. Grinding fine increases the surface area of your stuff which helps this vape do a better job of producing good quality vapor. I highly recommend picking up a MF Finishing grinder if you decide to get one of these, it grinds to the finest consistency and separates out any stuff you don’t want in there (stems, etc).

This vape is very efficient, and it works great with amounts as low as 0.1g (just a pinch). The idea is that you can control and custom tailor your vaping experience by how long you heat your herb for and how quickly you draw from it.

The two main ways I use mine are by either taking one long draw or by taking a bunch of small pulls in a row.

For a single draw you basically just engage the battery and then very slowly pull from the mouthpiece for 5-10 seconds. If your material overheats you didn’t draw fast enough, and if you get no vapor at all you may be drawing too quickly.

The other method is to engage the battery and take small “sips” from the mouthpiece every few seconds, letting vapor build up inside the trench between each draw.

Vapor quality is good from this one but isn’t really what I would consider top-shelf, it’s just about average. More specifically, the taste and smoothness might not be as good as some other vapes, but it’s still actually potent which proves how effective it really is.

What’s also very important with this vape is that you need to mix your material up in between draws, or at least every other draw. They include a nice brush that you can use the back end of to gently mix your herb up, or you can keep the lid closed and give your box a shake to mix it all around. If you do this just make sure you get all your herb back down into the center trench before vaping again.

When using just a pinch of herb (~0.1g) you should be able to get roughly 5-8 draws from it, but it does depend on how you use it.

Bottom Line

Yes there are better vapes out there, and yes this thing looks stupidly simple for the price, but believe me when I tell you it works like a champ.

I personally feel it works best as a quick vape for taking just a handful of light draws at a time, but many people use this in a variety of scenarios and are extremely satisfied with it.

This is one of those vapes that everybody needs in their collection because of how unique it is.

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